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Water problem update

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:) Hello's been about 3 months since I last posted and I wanted to post back and let everyone know what's been going on with my water problems..I have a very long post (Help with basement flooding) that explains a lot that you can check, but to make a long story short....we were getting an UNBELIEVABLE amount of water into our sump pit and even though we resorted to a gas pump, we were still flooding when we had thaws....there were a lot of suggestions given and I had my own thoughts but Concretemasonary's suggestions were definitely the way to go....:thumbsup: ....I was convinced that an interior french drain would be the way to solve our problem...but having more water coming into our house SCARED me:eek:.....we ended up hiring and a contractor and dug down to our footings on the EXTERIOR of the house.....we connected to our existing weeping tile at two points by our sump pit and directed it out to our forest and we were lucky that we had enough of a drop to be able to do that and have gravity do the work instead of our sump pit (which is still operational should it be required)....the problem was occuring because of the already high water table in our area that when we had a thaw, we were practically sitting in it....when the work was being done, we were still getting water into our sump pit (the 4" inlet was full) and when we dug by the footings, we could see water coming from under the house, the south, the west, every direction....but the water changed it's route and went through the new trench and stopped coming into our sump was AMAZING TO SEE :thumbsup: and a relief to say the least....:yes:....

Of course the true test is next Spring and having a really quick thaw...but our sump pit is now dry and we have had a great deal of rain and there's no question in my mind that our pumps WOULD be going off again if we didn't do this work....:huh:.... this was also a job that we would not have been able to undertake ourselves as we had to contend with our main propane fuel line to the house, there was still frost in the ground and the skill that the excavator had was impressive...:thumbup:

So I guess what I wanted to say is that Concretemasonary had suggested dealing with the problem from the exterior as doing anything in the interior would be water management and not truly waterproofing.... this was the best money we have ever was worth the peace of mind..:thumbsup:
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obviously you made the right decision & 1 we 1st suggest always,,, the main issue's $$$ for many which accounts for so many interior systems,,, glad you were able to pay the frt & get it resolved the right way :thumbup:
:thumbsup:Thanks yesitsconcrete....:thumbsup:
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