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I am adding a bathroom, and bedroom. I currently have 2 bathrooms.
I am on city water but it is a small lake community type of setup with maybe 200 houses. There is a huge water tower down the street maybe 1500 feet from my house.

I was in a hurry to get the water on in this house last year, and just ran 1/2 pex. It is about 80 feet from the water meter at the street and it's going uphill. Nothing is leaking.

All pex with a little bit of cpvc inside the walls I didn't want to tear out.

My water pressure is not good. It is fine with just one or two things going but a third and its weak.

I have 3/4 inch PVC on my side of the meter at the street.

Would it be better to try and run bigger lines from the meter to the house? Or should I try to find an electric pump of some kind to increase the pressure?

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Pressure is pressure. What you are lacking in is "volume". Yes, the 1/2" line is woefully inadequate to furnish any speakable volume at that distance. Re piping with 3/4" all the way to where an appliance turns up would be a good thing.
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