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water pressure / water heater

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I had a new water heater installed less than two years ago and the installer left a copper wire wrapped around the pressure relief valve and nom the heater is broken and leaking internally. Should the installer have taken that wire off so if it needed to release pressure it could have - and could this be why my valve to the water softener also exploded? I know I am a plumbing dummie but I really need to know if it's their fault?:wink:
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I agree with "JustBill" there shouold be no correlation between your hot water heater and the water softener and your PRV should not have caused any internal leaking. I would suspect a incoming pressure problem from your water source. Your incoming water pressure should be around 60 psi and anything drastically above that can cause damage to appliances, fixtures and the WH. I have a blog about the danger of too much water pressure appearing currently here in the DIY Blogs. Click on "DIY Blogs" on the task bar at the top of the threads and read it, maybe it will help you understand.
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