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Water pooling next to house foundation pictures - help suggestions

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I have some drainage problems with my house. The last time it rained I went around and found some problems that do not make me feel comfortable. All I know is that I need to fix this problem immediately before I compromise my structure, but I do not know what materials to use and where to put them in my situation.

I think with the front yard I can probably build up the landscaping next to the house (again, what materials to improve the drainage?) The side of the house next to the neighbors drive is the a confusing one too, should I install a french drain?

Please review this diagram and also pictures below:
Sketch (also note standing water in front and rear yards)

Front scape (See, in front of gutter I had to take out blocks to drain the pool)

Side of house next to neighbors driveway (Lots of standing water here across the house!)

The back corner next to neighbors driveway

Back of house

Any suggestions or constructive comments would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks in advance :)
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Regrade the landscaping so it's higher at the house and slopes away. Add plants that will retain the residual water.
Regrade the landscaping so it's higher at the house and slopes away. Add plants that will retain the residual water.
Just use topsoil for everything then?
Just use topsoil for everything then?
Sounds good to me. Add mulch to keep the weeds down.
1st, regrade for positive drainage from the house then get that gutter water AWAY from the house - FAR away even if it means installing leading drains to the street,,, whoever left the downspouts dumping wtr next to the home didn't plan on living there,,, no easier way to promote a wet bsmt than by leaving it as it is ESPECIALLY if you've got a block foundation :furious:

& ixnay on the wtr-loving plants, too,,, ALL plants like/need wtr - you'd need to plant water/weeping willows to suck up all that's present then the treeroots'll be shoving inside the house :censored:
If there are weeps in the lower courses of brick, as there should be, then don't pile dirt or mulch higher than that level. You could end up with the water inside the walls.
As mentioned, get the water away from the house. To help, I would install drain tile (perforated pipe) sloped away from the house to the curb or a dry well in middle of lawn. These sites each have good bits of info.:
Future cleaning:
Landscape options:
Building a dry well:
Be safe, G
As previously stated , GET THE WATER AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE. If you can not install a french drain consider using these and taking the water as far away from your foundation as possible

They worked for me. Good luck
Wow great info. I'm about to start pulling bushes on the neighbors side in a few minutes here.

Thank you all for your support!
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