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water line joint leak

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good afternoon,
my problem is this. the 3/4" water line from service to my water heater (hot water line) is leaking. the top part of the pipe is pvc, then the 2 nut, pvc connecter, and into the copper pipe that leads to my water heater. i purchased a new 3/4" X 3/4" coupling, followed the instructions, and turned back on the water from outside. i still have a leak at the top of the coupling where it is pvc. i took everything apart and reassembled it, making sure that everything was tight, but it still leaks. any advice?
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Are you using any compound on the threads ?? You'll just have to keep trying till you get it..There's Something you aren't doing right
If it's on the hot water side .. It needs to be rated for hot water. If it's got threads I use thread compound..
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