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Water line "hums"

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I replaced my gas hot water heater several months ago. Since then I have noticed a hum when I run the hot water. :eek: The wife says she can hear it sometimes when the cold is running but I can't. I have not been able to pinpoint where the sound is coming from because it seems to echo through the whole system. Water delivery is fine. Hmmmm.
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If you have a shut valve that you closed during installation, it may be a loose stem washer fluttering.
Do you mean like a faucet in one of the sinks or something? I did have a couple open to bleed the line. Don't remember exactly when I closed them other than after bleeding the air from the line after filling the heater. This seems to happen when I run about every faucet.

This is something I had not even begun to suspect. Thanks.
Now I'm on the same page with you. My apology for taking a few days to acknowledge your reply, been busy with a couple of other things. I'll try this as soon as I can.
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