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water leaking out of furnace

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I have a 20 yr old unit. Sits in room off back of kitchen. Noticed water on the floor. The water is condensing & dripping down off the copper tube that runs under the house to the outside unit. There is a red drain plug there so sure enough I opened it & water came out. Replaced plug but it still dripping. What is the bad news?
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Your drain line is clogged to let the water out of the pan, that sits between the furnace & A-coil.
Is this a "DIY" project or am I going to shell out some $$$ for someone to look at it?
It is as long as you do not create a problem unclogging the drain, or find out that the A-Coil is iced over, when you take the cover off of the ductwork where the A-Coil is sitting. You are welcome to post pic's of the furnace, if wanting to know where to look.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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