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I have rainwater and irrigation water leaking into my garage from a concrete slab and rotting the wood sill Wood tongue and groove siding is on the outside of the garage. My issue is how to fix this problem. The easiest I guess is to use some kind of sealer - if so what type of sealer? However because of the slope of the concrete towards the garage the water it will just sit there until I brush it away or it evaporates. The slope is also unfortunately away from the garden area and the flow goes back (i.e. away from the garden) to my sliding aluminum doors and the water goes under the aluminum door sill into the garage.
Could I use some kind of flashing and sealer together and just let the water sit there until it evaporates to prevent the siding from rotting? Ideally I would like to direct the water away to the garden. Should I cut some kind of channel in the concrete parallel to the garage wall to direct the water away?
I've included a few pictures to try to illustrate the issue. One picture shows the inside of the garage where the water leaks in. One picture shows the outside of the garage where the problem happens. The garden where I want the water to go is to the left of the picture. One picture shows a closeup of the gap where the water goes in and one picture shows the sliding door where the water also goes in. Ideally I'd like to direct the water away but I guess whatever I do I will need to use some kind of sealer - again what's best?
Anyone with expertise in this area would be most welcome.
There are ways to protect the bottom of the wall, do you have room above the door to raise it 1 1/2"?
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