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First... hello... I’m new

I came in desperation seeking advice, I’ve just layed 25mm beechwood floor I’m my living room.... as in.... yesterday, its reclaimed... not sanded or varnished yet

It’s layed on concrete with underlay

And low and behold I had a water leak that pissed probably 15-20L out in my kitchen some of which ran into the living room under the floor I literally put down the day before...

By the time I noticed and got some dehumidifiers running it had been 48 hours, by then some of the joints of the wood were wet... and have now cupped

Question is.... after a few days of dehumidifiing, can I just sand down the wood... as I was going to anyway, and putty the crappy joint

There’s no damp problem that needs to be fixed it was just a leak

Or will it take a month or 6 for the wood to settle into whatever shape it’s going to take

Or do I bite the bullet and rip it up.... there’s only about 5 boards that are affected and I have spares but they are in the middle of the room where there is a slight divot which I assume collected the water

Time is an issue someone supposed to be moving in in 2 weeks

Sod’s law.... happy new year

Manny thanks for your thoughts

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A friend flooded a hardwood floor and insurance paid for new, by time they got around to doing the work the floor was back to normal, but it was a month or maybe 6 weeks.
Changing boards in the middle is a skill needed but likely your best bet.
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