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Hey everyone,

I'm a first time homebuyer who just recently came across his first home issue.

The other day in Baltimore we had a big rain. Somehow, the drain outside the basement door clogged up with leaves and dirt and the water overflowed a little into the house. Now, my basement is set up kind of funny (previous owners). The front half is carpeted, but the back half has something called drycore (with the old tile underneath). From what I can tell, the water collected between the tiny space between the drycore and the door and some ended up underneath the drycore. Last night when I walked over the first few tiles near the door I could hear water squish underneath. This morning, it looks like some of the water is dissipated into the drycore, but some still remains.

My question, what do I do? We just bought the house a couple weeks ago so money is very tight. Having someone come in to remove the drycore would be expensive. Some people are telling us that the water will dissolve into the drycore and go away, others are saying the complete opposite...we don't know who to trust. Anyone know anything about something like this? Just looking for ideas on how to address this issue.

Thank you!
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