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Water in Sump

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I have lived in my 25 year old house for 6 months. The first 5 months my pit was totally dry, even the dehumidifier discharge would disappear in a day. For the past month the water level has risen slowly 1/4 inch a day maybe. I have checked the plumbing no leaky pipes. No rain now for a week and still the steady rise? Is there a way I can tell where the water is coming from? or any advice would be great..
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not one to ask this that often but post were you live. my guess would be that the water table is rising for some reason. any melting snow near by?? with in 100 miles?
south jersey, close to philadelphia...we have had almost no snow, not sure about the mountains, just getting really cold this week...
Looks as thou the closest site is about normal. The water is clear, no smell or minerally taste. Seems like tap water. I have checked my water line its good. i wonder if i could have the water tested?
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