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Water heater.

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Water heater shot, can't afford a new one right now. I closed the valve at the top of the heater, but there is a dripping sound and the water heater is still leaking about 15 gallons a day. (I have a hose attached from the drain cock to the bathtub). If I closed the valve, why is it still dripping?
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Water is either leaking past that shut-off valve, or is backfeeding (from cold line to hot) through something else such as a tempering/mixing valve.
Yeah, shutoff valves often cake with deposits and leak. You'll need to shut off the main water supply and put a cap on the line supplying the water heater (maybe the hot side too, if a single handle faucet somewhere is backfeeding) as a temporary fix until you can get a new heater and shutoff valve.
Turn off the water, cut the hot out, and cold in and put a sharkbite stop on both. Disconnect the tank and get ready for a new one. Electric or gas?

The reason I ask is that a lot of people get rid of electric that still have a good tank, cause the elements go bad or they have build up in the bottom. Maybe you can get an interim one at the land fill? Just a thought.

Also check out scratch and dent. Dents dont usually matter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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