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Hey all!

This may sound strange, so i'll explain it as best as I could. My brother and I recently drained my water heater so we could move it. We were only moving it like 2 feet so we could bring up the flooring under it, (we had to raise the flooring about a foot up) and then we moved it back.

After we reconnected it, we ended up having to change out the hoses for the Cold and Hot because the old hoses didn't "bend" in the right way to properly fit. We changed out both hoses and went on our way.

I noticed now that when I turn on my cold water in my kitchen, it starts off room temperature and then after about 30 seconds it goes warm, warmer, and slightly hot. Then eventually it goes back to room temp and maybe slightly cooler, but definitely not COLD.

Any ideas what happened? Below is a the water heater I have.

Performance 40 Gal. Medium 6 Year 4500/4500-Watt Elements Electric Tank Water Heater

I also noticed something a little weird after we moved it back. The valve that is on the top in-between the hot/cold connections would leak drips here n there. Even after I attempted to "close" or "tighten" it. I eventually just reconnected the PVC piping that was there already (but wasn't connected when I moved in) so if it did leak, at least it was going to where it should have been going. It looked like the previous owner had broke the pvc piping that connects to the valve.

here is the part where it started leaking, very small rate of drips though.

Thanks and sorry for the long write-up!

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Never saw one with Flex line as a hookup.

In my opinion that is not correct.

The circled valve is your POP-OFF valve, and if it is leaking, it might be faulty, or you have too much internal pressure for it.

What temperature are you set at?

Do you know what your supply pressure is?


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I don't particularly like the flex lines. Basically they have a rubber hose surrounded by stainless steel braid. I have seen them "maypop" bulge. I would prefer to have the corrugated copper pipes that allow for movement, and adjusting.

Like Ed, I have a feeling you have either an overpressurization problem or your water is too hot. The T&P valve is doing its job. Do you have a pressure tank on the cold water side anywhere? Can you measure your pressure at an outside faucet? It may need adjusting at the PRV or the PRV may have failed.
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