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Water heater pressure valve released into crawlspace, nice puddle!

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My water heater has its pressure release valve routed into the crawlspace. I was flushing it and had to open the valve to get it to fill. It got too full, and started releasing cold water into the crawlspace. There's a small puddle under there now. Should I be worried about this? Is there anything I can do to prevent mold or critters from taking advantage of this? Should I pour some bleach in there? Hoping to avoid disaster!
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Ayuh,..... You could have just opened any of yer hot water faucets to do the same thing,.....

To fix the puddle, grab some towels, 'n mop it up,....
Yup, it's a learning process... 馃憣
Ayuh,.... So grab some towels, 'n clean up yer mess as best as ya can, before it leaks through, 'n stains yer ceiling,.....

Maybe put a fan up there to dry out what ya can't mop up,....
It's actually under the house crawlspace, in the dirt. I decided to use the wet/dry vac to vacuum up the puddle, but by the time I got out there it already evaporated or sunk into the dirt. So I guess the issue is resolved for now!
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