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Richmond/Rheem 6G40PVW-40F

Intellivent AP13845A

Serial# RMLN0310545084

Hard to catch this intermittent issue, but I was able to today after flushing the tank.

When I catch it in lockout mode from to many failed ignition attempts I'm always able to shut it off then on and it works fine. Either for a day or a few hours.

HSI and FS are working as intended.

It goes through the steps and just as it's about to open the valve, you can hear a very faint click, as if the gas valve is opening. The HSI stops glowing and the sequence starts all over.

This click is far fainter than the usual louder click when the gas valve actually opens and lets gas in.

The actuator on the valve seems to be the culprit but I need more opinions before shelling out for a new valve.

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Welcome to the forums realrob.

According to your serial number it's about 10 years old. I agree with you, It very well could be the gas control valve.

You could try and contact manufacture and ask them directly if part is covered. but pretty sure they will tell you it will be out of warrantee at over 10 years old. It figures. That's one of the most expensive parts. Probably at least 100 bucks or so.

Hope you get it figured out and fixed soon realrob.
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