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Water heater gas valve?

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I flushed out my water heater yesterday and had to replace the plastic drain with a brass hose bib, which still leaks a little bit. :whistling2:

I'm not sure which model or brand - it doesn't even say on the manual I have.

Anyway, I checked it this morning after I got half a cold shower and the pilot wasn't even on. Tried to light it but there is no gas going in. I shut off the gas supply until I can get someone to look at it.

Should I just get a new water heater or will a new valve be sufficient? Any recommendations on efficient water heaters?
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Did you turn the control to pilot position & hold the button dpwn for a few min. for the gas to get to the pilot ?? hold the button down a little longer for the gas to get to the pilot
You should only need to hold the button or knob in for ten seconds before you light the pilot but you should keep holding it in for an additional 45 seconds after you light the pilot.

Put the covers or hatches back on before turning the small knob from "pilot" to "run".
thermocouples go bad ten times as often as a gas valve does!! IF its a gas valve I would get a whole new heater.(specially IF the heater is over 5-7 years old.) a thermocoupler you can put on yourself.
Thanks for the input.

I guess it is made by National Steel Construction Co. The manual tells nothing about the thermocouple or any parts replacement for that matter. I guess it was intended to be bulletproof. I can't seem to pull the whole assembly like the online tutorials I've found, so I'm going to just take pieces off...


Yes, I need a new one. I also just found out I need the same cash dollar amound of dental work!!!! :furious:
If you don't think you are getting pilot gas (at the pilot) from the control Take the line off at the control .. push down the button for pilot gas. If gas comes out of the control where the pilot tube attaches ... & you aren't getting gas at the pilot... the pilot assy .is stopped up
It was the thermocouple, and the piezo igniter is bad. Had to light it with some old smelly incense. :laughing:

Should be good for a couple more years...
If it was the newer type wh with the ignitor. When you took the sealed door off you broke the air tight seal. Most of the manfactures state you replace the seal with a new one
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