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I'm about to install a new water heater - gas, installed on home exterior (SoCal). I've done this twice before, and always used the flexible copper connections, and never had an issue with them.

My existing WH has flexible copper connections, they haven't failed - but I'm thinking it's $20 well spent to replace them?

Anyhow, I went online to look for some replacement copper connections, and see now a lot of water heater 'kits' that come with the water and gas connectors, but that the water connectors in a lot of them are braided stainless steel - they sort of look like beefier versions of a washing machine supply line.

I obviously don't want any issues with the WH, and as I've spent over $600 on the unit itself I don't mind spending a few extra dollars to ensure I have the better connectors in place with lowest chance of failure.

I'm aware of 3 types, flex copper, flex stainless steel, and braided stainless steel - is there a consensus on which types of flexible connectors work best, or what to avoid etc.?


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To me it's like picking between a Ford, Chevy or Dodge....... I doubt the benefits of one would out weigh the other
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