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i hope am posting this in the right place. just a quick question.

i am currently using oil, i am having someone put in a new furnace and a water heater both will be natural gas with direct vent. he will be doing all the plumbing (black pipe) as well as moving the furnace about 10 feet from the current location with some duct work being done. he will also be buying the appliances as well. he has given me a price of $6,000.00 total all work, labor with materials.

what do you guys think, is this a reasonable price.

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Sounds pretty fair to me.

I relocated a furnace and relocated a direct vent WH for $4000 a couple months ago.

HVAC equip not included.

I do think that is a bad bid. Make sure he/she is licensed for this type of work and insured. Ask for a General liability certificate.

Depending on your location verses another can be a price difference.

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Depending on your location verses another can be a price difference."median+income"+zip+code&spell=1

For this many kilobucks I'd get several bids and do a dot plot.
0...$2. ..$4...$6..$8...$10
^relative price^

And the Heating Value of oil vs. nat. gas can predict your new heating bills.

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Sounds a little on the cheap side.

I'd watch him.

Make sure he sizes the duct work right.
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