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Water From Bathroom Fan - Different

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Bathroom exhaust fan running through a traditional attic through the roof. The duct is insulated.

I have water that accumulates after shower use in a part of the fan. It is a U shaped piece that almost seems to be a reservoir. I have taken fan apart and the water does seem to be coming from the duct.

The fan has only leaked to the point of water coming out of it once or twice. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know it was happening and it would just sit in this U shape. At one point the flap on the vent on the roof seemed to be stuck open, which could have caused some problems, however it appears to be working properly now and there is enough of a draft / connection when the fan is on that the flap rises and falls.

My main questions are -

Is a little bit of water going into the U shaped plastic normal?

If not, is the logical step to make sure the vent is connected property, or potentially replace? What else could cause this?

I have not went into the attic to the fan. I have only looked at it from the entrance point and it looks ok. Also, a HVAC person also looked at it from the same point, and indicated it looks ok and is the correct insulation level. They were perplexed what is causing this.

This all started a few months after the roof was redone. I am wondering it didn’t get totally connected back right. It will be a pain getting to it in the attic so I’m trying to get info before I do that. Also, the water is a deep purple whereas it used to be dirty. Not sure that’s relevant.

EVERYTHING I search about this defaults to insulating the duct, which is done, so I’m hoping someone has some suggestions.

Thank you.

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