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Looking for advice for a problem without a perfect solution.

I have a detached building on the side of my garage that was built directly on a large slab that extends beyond the exterior walls--obviously poor planning on the builder's part. There is a good amount of grade and as I've sat out there and watched the water during heavy rains, I know there isn't substantial pooling along the base of the walls but over the years, water has still found its way in.

It looks like the water mostly came in around the sides of the door thresholds. They were set in concrete/grout, which seems to be the way they were designed as you can see from the underside of the threshold. I've removed one and chipped away old concrete but I'm not sure of the best way to repair damage and protect against future penetration as much as possible without tearing the whole structure down or raising the slab.

Current plan is to set the threshold back down in Quickrete non shrink precision grout, seal the edges with a substantial amount of Sika Flex, maybe add some foam in the wall cavities as another layer of protection for the framing. I dont think a drain would do all that much but I could eventually add a larger awning to keep them dryer.

Any suggestions?
(sorry for all the sideways photos--not sure why they're posting that way)

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