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I've noticed that I have water coming out of some weep holes in my siding when it rains, and would like to try and find the source.

The only thing I can think of is that there is water either going behind the siding on the back side of the decorative piece above the window, or it's going in at the crack below that decorative piece just above the window.

My concern is that I don't want to caulk the crack between the piece and the window, for example, and potentially remove the location that water can escape that enters above the decorative piece.

See the picture of my window below, as well as the pictures of the water leaking out some weep holes and around the window.

I'd love to get some thoughts from people familiar with sources of water getting under the siding to understand where this could be coming in, and then how to properly mitigate.

Thanks in advance!

Window in question:

Water exiting weep hole to the right of window shutter:

Water exiting weep hole further right of and below window shutter:

Another view, another potential source of water at gutter but this is below the weepholes that are leaking.

View of water trails from both weep holes at the ground level:

Additional water leaking out from behind shutter and weephole under window:

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I have no idea what the video Fireguy posted had to do with your problem, but it appears the capitals of both the upper window and the door were installed post siding, indicating they had to have fasteners drilled through the siding. If they weren't properly prepared you will have water infiltration and it can move laterally before it finds a weep hole.

With that said, siding is not waterproof in itself. Thus the weep holes. It takes a Weather Resistive Barrier behind the siding to ensure water doesn't degrade the material behind it. Hopefully your house has that.
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