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Washing Machine Outlet Box

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Hello all,
I'm planning on renovating the laundry room in my house into a basement bathroom. For the washing machine, I hope to install a washing machine outlet box such as this one:

The problem I'm encountering is that all of the finished walls in my basement are 2x3 and these outlet boxes are all constructed for 2x4 walls with a depth of at least 3.5 in. Any suggestions on how I could make this work? Or does anyone know of a washing machine outlet box compatible with 2x3 walls? I really don't want to build out the wall just for the outlet box. I thought about just making a clam casing frame around the outlet box to give it another 1/2 on top of 1/2 drywall, but I don't think this will leave enough room for the 2 inch drain pipe centered in the outlet box.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Just an idea but you could just pipe the drain and water lines in the wall to where you want it, install a access panel on the drywall, mark the access panel where you want the laundry water lines and discharge hose to go through and using a cup saw drill holes through the cover plate so the hoses can go through. Its extra work but it might look pretty clean if painted the same color of the wall.
PLease send in a picture I see no mention of the washer box vent. You cannot run it into the bathroom wet vent at all.
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