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never ending washing machine cycle

Old Maytag, I didn't see any model information, it just says: 2 Speed - Large Capacity. I didn't really feel like pulling the thing out from the wall to check the back for information. Looks like it might be original to the house, late 60's.

It started out by sometimes making a loud humming noise instead of agitating. Other than that it was going through the rest of the motions just fine, soak and spin and etc. Sometimes I just had to run it again and the clothes would be clean. But now it never agitates, just makes that loud noise. And to top it off, the last load I tried to run never stopped at the end of the cycle. It just kept going onto the next option. I had to sit next to it until it was done so that it wouldn't start filling with water again.

I don't know if the agitation problem is related to the never-ending cycle or not. Any insights?
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