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Washing Machine Hookup Box

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I have the box in the photo that I want to connect to 1/2 CPVC water lines. The valve connections are machined inside to solder to copper. I want to use the outside threads and use a Metal/CPVC female adapter but not sure if these threads will work. Are they 1/2 inch pipe threads. The CPVC female adapter in
Photo seems to go on OK but I want to use one of those that has a factory Metal to CPVC connection and screws on like the plain CPVC female in photo.



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I'd solder a female adapter then use a male CPVC adapter. Screwing brass into plastic is asking for trouble. Plastic into brass is less likely to fail.
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Most of the ones I've seen are running threads, not IPS. I've seen people jam copper female adaptors on there and get them to seal. I wouldn't try it though. If you really really don't want to solder they make those boxes with PEX outlets. Get one and use a pex female adapter and a CPVC male adapter to convert over. You'd have to invest in a pex crimper though. I'd suggest just finding someone to make the sweat connections for you or getting what you need to do it and learning how.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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