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washer busted?

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So I'm not an appliance guy, and I'm looking for some input before I start tearing this thing apart...
I have an approx 15yr old maytag front load washer. Came downstairs before (washer had been in the middle of a cycle), and there is soapy water all over the floor, the washer is doing nothing but buzzing, and it smells like band-aids.
Opened it up and it spins freely inside, but it does nothing when I try to turn it back on but buzz.
I'm thinking the motor is shot? Thoughts?
Secondly, if that is the case (or something else), is it even worth repairing?
Thanks in advance for input:)
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Now you know someones going to need the make and model #.
If it's 15 years old I would not be spending a whole lot of money on it.
maytag neptune mah5500bww
... that was my thought as well, but I don't want to trash it if there is a cheap fix
Motor buzzing doesn't jive with soapy water discharge. More likely a busted water discharge pump. At 15 though, it may not be worth it. I had a washer that long that went through two motor shaft couplings until they were obsolete wo replacement. It's worth pulling apart to see at least.
just take the front and back panel off. Take a look around in there, maybe as simple as the drive belt. I would spend a few bucks to repair that machine before I would buy new.
Someone elses problem now. Got a new set delivered over the weekend. :)
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