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wash or sand deck first before restaining?

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My deck needs to be restained as it has been a number of years since it was last stained. I plan on sanding and washing the deck before I restain. My question is in what order do I sand/wash? Do I sand the deck first and then wash? Or do I wash the deck first and then sand? I'm reading differing opinions online. Thanks.
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I went to the source, cabot website. I assume cabot or other brands, they are similar.
I would power wash only and let thoroughly dry. Several sunny days. Whatever stain you have, oil, acrylic, solid, semi, you only need to remove flaking parts. If flaking, vigorously try to lift as much of the surrounding stain film with stiff joint compound knife or such. Bent angle paint scraper is not so good for it. After washing, try to scrape/lift again. If keep lifting, you probably will have to sand the entire deck with stronger machine. Whatever stain you have, acrylic is good for old oil as well.

You can also try removing the decking, turn them over and see if you can use that side.

I can't imagine solid stain over old film lasting long. Probably about a year with regular use? I used semi transparent oil on old unfinished pt decking which needs washing only but at least every 3 years. Needs to be applied with brush for each pieces or you will get overlap marks. Not sure about solid.

If yours lasted some years, what brand? Over old stain or on unfinished surface?
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