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ward floor furnance sight glass

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Need a pilot light sight glass cap for a 1930's Ward floor furnace 3" diameter anyone have any ideas?
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Go to a company that cuts glass for windows. Ask to them if they can cut tempered heat resistant glass like they use in fireplace doors into that small of a circle. Then you need to find that glass or ask if them if they can source it.
I figured someone must still sell parts for these old guys so I searched and found this page:

The google search term if you want to see more choice:

I suspect you will have to buy the glass and fabricate the metal.
I can't seem to find a picture of your furnace and I haven't worked one like that before, but a type of silaca sight glass is used often on some appliances. It looks like plastic, until you touch it. Popular on Engineered-Air units. It might be easier to find if your current sight glass (or hole) is small enough.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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