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I have a 40+ year old house and wanting to replace the gas lines. I will be calling a plumber to do the job, but wanted info on what materials will be suggested/ offered, pipe, flex, etc. there is about 2.5 foot of crawl space, not too tight, but not the most comfortable to crawl around in.

From the meter goes under the house, the first 20 feet is straight galvanized pipe laying on the ground (mud). One spot is pretty corroded and that's my main concern.

Comes up to the stove and 5 feet further up to the hot water heater. From there it runs to the back of the house to the furnace using copper tubing. The copper tubing is my second concern because I've read that the gas can affect the copper over time.

Sometime before winter, I would like to add a standby generator so new gas lines are the first step, informing the plumber to add a "Tee" for new addition.

So about 50 or so feet of material to stove, hot water heater, furnace, and tee for future generator. Is this a one day job? What materials? Any advise?


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50ft with only three appliances is to me a one day job depending on lay out and how much mud there is. Make sure to rpessure test..20 psi for 30mins

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Trac-pipe is for N/
The O/P was asking about gas line installation.

I know he's using gas... Mostlikely ng... I said trac- pipe is thin & fittings are expensive.. Mfg. suggest & the code here requirs it to be grounded... I mentioned about pex being out of the question because I had mistaken the word flex for pex
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