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My bedroom ceiling has no existing fixture/wiring to put one up there. There is a closet light in the bedroom I was wondering if I could tap into to get power to the fan. Does it violate any codes? And speaking of code, is there any particular way to run the new wiring? I know it would need to be fastened to the joists somehow, but would it be on top of the joists or sides??? I don't plan to have a light switch connected to this fan on the account I'd have more work to do. I called a few handyman/electricians, but they want $200 to $400 to do what seems like a simple task.

I used a stud finder to locate the joists over my bedroom. They do appear to be 1 1/2" thick and 16" apart from each other. I can't get into the attic right now because I don't have a ladder tall enough. But it is possible.
Here's some pictures of my bedroom ceiling and closet.

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You might be in luck if you have a constant source of power in your light junction box. I suspect you do since you have a pull chain to turn the light on and off. All you would need to do is run a properly sized cable between the existing box and the new fan rated support box. I would secure to the sides of the joist so someone does not step on the cable.

BTW, those open bulb fixtures are no longer allowed in closets due to being a fire hazard. Stuff can be piled up or fall onto the bulb and ignite.
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