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Wall under basement stairs

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Happy Easter everybody :).

I'm trying to remove a wall that runs under the basement stairs.

Most of the wall has a really small gap (about 1/8") above it which means it isn't carrying load. However the last two 2x4, there is no gap, and I see other stuff going on around there that makes me wonder. Also it's a truss system which also confuses me.

I can't tell for sure if I can just remove it or not.

Here is a drawing of the situation...I also labelled pics I took and their associated camera angle...

Here is what I labelled Pic 1..

Pic 2 (1st part)..

Pic 2 (2nd part)..

Pic 3..

Here is a picture of the main floor. I drew in red where the wall below is located. This should give an idea of the load above it.

What do you guys think, can I remove it?
Or...can I shore up the truss system somehow by putting something in parallel?
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A wall probably is load bearing if it is near the center of the house and runs parallel to its length, or is perpendicular to ceiling joists resting on its top.
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