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Wall switch to control outlet

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Hey folks, long time no see and all that good stuff. I'll get right to it. So I want to be able to turn a lamp via the switch on the wall that currently does nothing (actually, it's a double switch and one of them turns on the porch light. But the other one does nothing, as far as I can tell...) I plan to plug in the lamp to the outlet that is no more than 4 feet away from the switch. Is this a fairly straightforward task? I'm not completely inept, but not completely adept either, when it comes to electricimity... Just need a general overview and what supplies I would need. Much appreciated. its good to be back
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It is possible that the receptacle was at one time half switched. If someone replaced it and did not cut the tab between the hot screws the switch function would not work. It is possible that more than one receptacle was switched. If any one of them was replaced and the tab not cut, all of them would become unswitched.
The first thing to do is to check the wiring at the receptacles.
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