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Wall switch to control outlet

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Hey folks, long time no see and all that good stuff. I'll get right to it. So I want to be able to turn a lamp via the switch on the wall that currently does nothing (actually, it's a double switch and one of them turns on the porch light. But the other one does nothing, as far as I can tell...) I plan to plug in the lamp to the outlet that is no more than 4 feet away from the switch. Is this a fairly straightforward task? I'm not completely inept, but not completely adept either, when it comes to electricimity... Just need a general overview and what supplies I would need. Much appreciated. its good to be back
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What's connected to that unknown switch? Is it a single pole or 3-way? Is there power on any of the wires going into it?

How many studs/framing members do you think you'll have to go through on the way from the switch to the receptacle?
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