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Wall Mounted Light Fixture / No On Off....

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Have this Odd Ball Wall Mounted Light Fixture that serves no useful purpose (Came with the House when purchased).. It's in a Mini Hallway leading to the Basement Stairway.. The Hallway has it's own Ceiling Light & Switch.. For some reason, Turn the Basement Stairway lights on the Odd Ball Light Fixture turns off and Viseaversa.. Plus this Fixture in question has only 14/2 Wire leading to it. The other items I mentioned have 14/3 Wire leading from them..

My Query. In order to Utilize this Fixture would using a fixture with a Pull Cord Suffice or do we have any other options ??:glasses:
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Somebody wired that on one leg of the three-way switch system for the basement.

if you can put a pull string fixture on it, go ahead.

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