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I am working on a home gym and the ceiling head room isn't what I'd ideally like it to be. Floor to bottom of joist is just under 8'. I do not want to go with a permanent drywall type of ceiling as I have piping and other cables run for the floor above. I'd like to do a drop ceiling, but I can't have it too far down from the joists. Just enough so I can drop in the tiles into the grid. That leaves me with limited options for ceiling lighting. I was thinking can lights that can go in between the joists which can help on space.

I was also pondering the idea of some wall lights or wall sconces. Maybe either that or can lights or a combination of both. Are there wall lights that would give off enough lighting for a home gym? The room is 21'x13'.

Any ideas or thoughts?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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