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Wall Hung Bathroom Sink

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I want to install a wall hung basin. This brand is a "Roca" (made in Spain) it does not require a wall carrier and it does not come with a surface mounted bracket like an American Standard wall hung would. It does have 2 half inch holes on the back of it. Am I really supposed to just using backing, silicone and lag bolts or is there another method of securing it?
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Unless it comes with instructions on how to mount it, it would be mounted like any other wall hung sinks.
You are going to have to contact them---often those 'stylish' sinks are designed for looks and not function---I;ve had to service a few (Italian) and the designs are lousy
Yup, that's how they were mounted, backer in the wall, and just use 2, lags with big washers.
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