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Wall has no gaps between 2x6s "studs"!!

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So here's a question for you guys: why would someone build a wall by nailing hundreds of 2x6s together (like this -->||||||||||||) with absolutely no gaps anywhere along the length of the wall? To put it another way, the builder just nailed studs together on flat, one after another until the wall was finished.

The wall I'm talking about is in an Elementary school built in 1954, so I assume the builders were somewhat professional.

I'm just curious if this is, or was, a legitimate framing method, and if so, what's the purpose of it? I've never seen anything like it before.
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A picture is worth a thousand words -----

I ran into a wall built out of cross lapped 1" slabs.about 6 layers--it looked like lattice work under a deck.

House was built in 1864 --with 3 major additions over the years.
Maybe they were trying to make the wall kid proof. Some kids can tear up an anvil with a powder puff.
Much harder for the wall to burn like that. Outer edges will char, but the wall won't collapse until long after the area is evacuated.
Odd that wood was used at all. My elementry school was built in 1954 in Queens, NY. No wood in that construction.
Where is this located?
I don't have access to the school right now. The wall looks something like this
except obviously with studs instead of logs.

The wall is an interior one with a second floor above. A stair-case is about 10 feet away from the wall.

The building is located about midway up British Columbia (Canada) in Williams Lake. All schools in the area, except the most modern ones, are built with wood studs.
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