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Wall connection to electrical box

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I have an exterior masonry compartment for the hot water heater. The WH needs to be replaced so I disconnected water supply and electric.

I put a temp hose to connect the cold to the hot for now.

The electric coming out of the wall is a liquid tight tubing. I would prefer to mount a metal box at the wall, then from there to the new WH.

After I removed the liquid tight tubing, I noticed at the wall is a 1/2" rigid coupling sticking out by about an inch. I assume behind the coupling is a nipple through the 8" concrete block wall.

I tried to turn the coupling counterclockwise and it turns, but I am not sure this is a good idea, if the nipple inside turns with the coupling, then I might end up backing out more than just the coupling.

What is a good way to mount a metal box at the wall to that connection? If the coupling is flushed with the wall, I can open a knock out hole in the back of the box and use a chase nipple. But with the coupling stick out an inch, I am not sure how to make a good connection.
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That's why I want to mount a box is to install a disconnect.

Liquid tight from box to new WH yes. But I don't want to go liquid tight from wall to box. Entire house is EMT and rigid conduits. There is no grounding conductor in the raceway so I want to maintain the continuity.

Like rjniles said I could put a piece of 2x6 drill a hole for the coupling then tapcon 2x to masonry wall, the use a chase nipple to connect the metal box.

I am just wondering if I can remove the coupling, I should see a 1/2" male threaded end recessed into the wall a little. Is there a metal fitting, that extends a male for about an inch? I have seen such a fitting in plastic for irrigation to raise a riser pipe a little. If there is such a thing I can use it then put a locknut on it.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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