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Wall anchors - how to remove

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Any suggestions for how to remove these metal drywall anchors?

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I usually drill the face out and let the anchor drop behind the wall. I am no expert though and am curious to see if anyone thinks this is a bad idea.
Google "Molly bolt" to see what you are dealing with. I have done all three in order of ease.

1) If they are recessed a little just patch over.
2) Drill the heads off with a drill slightly larger than the hole. and leave the rest in.
3) Put the screw in a few threads , then tap to straighten. Wiggle and pull it out.
Push em in

I usually push them into the wall as well. A simple pop with a screw driver and hammer or you could screw in and pull out too. All will work, will still need to patch no matter what.
I have had nothing but bad luck with this type of anchor if you try to pull them out it usually takes a chunk of drywall with it. I have not tried drilling them out, but I will.
I knock them through, tape and a couple of coats of mud over the holes, sand, and you're good to go...
To just knock them thru looks like it will leave a pretty good size hole.
Only as big as the outside of the anchor. Use a punch or phillips screwdriver...
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You can slice the heads off with an angle grinder and a metal cutoff wheel.
I use the ball of a ball peen hammer and recess them, them mud over them.
Knock them through, or use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull out and make a bigger hole.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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