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Im installin gthe PVC type wainscoting and there like 36 X12. Whats the best way to attach these to the wall? Can I use a pvc adheisive and nails ,Any TIPS WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.
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If you tryed using PVC cement it will get on the face of the panels and melt it.
There should be a sticker on the panels of go on the companys website to find out what they advise to attach them.
The T&G should not have any adhesive on it.
This is what I have used in the past.

Then I went over the panel with a hand floor roller to spread out the adhesive.

Your rolling pin would also work.
Unless you install this over 1 X 4's sitting horizontal nailing it will do little good. Count on the base board and chair railing to hold it in place once it's attached.

Do not try and set it directly on the floor leave about 1/2, floors are never perfectly flat or level.
I'd use a chaulk line where you want it to rest at the top.
I also strat in the middle of the wall and work my way out, that way the end cuts are even.
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I'd use a construction adhesive on the wall behind the panels and tack nail the panels till the glue sets.
i use a fair amount of pvc trim.. especially azek for decks. occasionally we use it for trimming out windows inside of showers.. weve found using white polybutyl window and siding caulking works best as an adhesive any ooze out will be the same color as the trim and it holds it in place.

if your installing it for on the outside of the house do not use regular galvanized gun nails they will bleed as they rust.. stainless steel fasteners are the only way to go with it.. 4 years ago we found out the hardway on a job that took $40,000 in pvc trim material alone not including the cost to install it..this job was right on the water and 6 months later we had to go back and scrub down all the trim and fill the holes with epoxy filler
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