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Vinyl window latch and keeper

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My daughter’s window at her house wouldn’t fully close. I fiddled around with it a little and made things worse by breaking the keeper. I don’t know the maker of the window and don’t see it anywhere on the window. I did some searching online and found something similar and bought it. Trying to put back together and having a problem.

As you can see by the pics, the keeper is not like the latch which sits on top and screwed down. It slides in a groove. This same groove goes from side to side and accepts a “tongue” from the lower pane. With the keeper in there, I still can’t get the window to fully close to be able to latch and lock.
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Yeah that's because you have a Pella Thermastar window and need to order the correct Pella Thermastar part.
I bought the new one from Swisscom, and even talked to them and texted them the pics, and they didn’t tell me about this part.

Even with getting this part, the whole issue started because the tongue in groove didn’t securely close to lock the window. Does t seem to be enough space for the keeper and the tongue
Don't know what to tell ya. That's obviously the part they should have suggested. If the sashes werent lined up when you went to lock them, the windows werent fully closed. They have gaskets that need to be compressed on top and bottom.
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