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Vinyl siding / electrical service entry

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How does one go about moving the electrical mast and meter for vinyl siding installation? I am assuming hire an electrician ? If that is the case can they somehow reposition it out of the way temporarily yet still be connected? Any suggestions / tips are appreciated.
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If you hire a competant electrician, you shouldn't have to give him guidance.
This is not a DIY project for a majority of people. But that sounds like a question someone would ask who was contemplating it.

Instead of removing, can you install a piece of 5/4x4, ripped, and shoved tight to the pipe? I chamfered inside edges on both pieces with a router, painted all sides, installed. Use J-trim next to. Be safe, G
Yes the electrician should defiantly not need guidance and should already know where to move it when assessing your situation. i would not attempt it if i was you. always best to be safe than sorry
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