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Vinyl Flooring Tiles

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So I am going to be replacing the existing self adhesive vinyl flooring tiles in my kitchen with new ones as the old ones are starting to come up and just look bad. What I am wondering is it worth all the effort to remove the old ones or should I just lay down a new layer of 1/4" underlayment and put the new tiles on that? It seems like a little more expense but will be easier to do and make for a better finished product. Whats you opionions on it?
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Adding another layer of flooring raises the floor by 3/8", so doorways get a bump up. Since there usually is already bump in those places, it becomes worse. I would tear off the old and start over.
I've faced this issue before. I would also recommend tearing off the old vinyl. Should you find a layer of quarter inch luan under it, I might even replace that depending on its condition. Vinyl can show inperfections of the sunstrate so it is important to have a really smooth surface underneath.
You realize that peel and stick tiles are just temporary flooring, I presume?
I would remove the old flooring and spend the extra time to properly prep the floor. One thing about vinyl if you cut corners your finished product will not look good and you will experience the same problems like you have now, flooring coming up and you may have moisture and mildew issues over time.

Remember vinyl just lays over the existing concrete surface, so if the floor is not leveled or floated properly you will see it with your finished product, especially when using tile squares.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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