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Vinyl Cedar Shakes

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Hello all. Thinking about doing our siding as a DIY. Me and a freind did my current home about 10 years ago. Are these vinyl cedar shakes more difficult to install the the regular vinyl strips like the mainstreet below? We are going to do the mainstreet on the sides and vinyl cedar on the front. There is not much vinyl on the front of the house. What are some must have tools to install vinyl in general? Thank you[0]=field_siding_product_family:8107
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▲▲▲ What he said! I used this product (different brand) on the top of a 10x10 and eventually gave up on the shingle style corners and used the ones for the regular stuff I have on the bottom.
The roof taper was a problem too as I ended up with pieces so short that the interlocks were compromised. Ended up having to just run screws through the smaller bits to keep them in place.
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Vinyl shakes that I am familiar with are stiffer than regular vinyl siding and they are very sensitive to spacing (overlap) depending on the temperature at the time of installation. Otherwise, the same general concept.
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