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Hello everyone, we've had our Royal Sovereign portable AC in our bedroom for about a year or so now, and just tonight we turned it on and the air blowing out of it smells like vinegar. We've drained it within the last week or so, and we drained it tonight (it wasn't too full), and we run the thing every night, so ... not sure what it could be. My only guess is mold, but why so suddenly tonight? And more importantly, what do we do about it?


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hi kevin, what model/btu is your unit?
if it were me, i'd remove the cover and look for pooling where it shouldn't be, determine WHY there's pooling and dry it out. it most likely could be someone just bumped it while it was full and some water sloshed around. does leaking freon smell like vinegar? is it still performing well?
maybe a mouse moved in that likes making his own wine and a batch went bad? lol

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