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video surveillance systems

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im looking for a 8 camera system for my house- i looked at costco and online but its hard to know what all the ratings on the cameras will actually look like without getting to see it in person. ANyone have a system they like? or any input?
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8 surveillance cameras for a house :eek:

Where do you live, downtown Bogota?

That said, just go to a store that actually specializes in security and surveillance equipment and have them demonstrate the various systems for you.
I've heard positive things about the ones Costco sells. They sell a brand that seems to be $100-$200 off all the time online, most people have said they are a good value for the money. what people complain about with most of the inexpensive sets is the picture at night, especially in low light.

Costco has a great return policy, so if you are member you have very little to lose by giving one a try
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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