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very clogged dryer vent. Not just lint

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I have an embarrassing question. I feel like one of those husbands on a situation comedy where I should have just called someone in the first place.

So with that said.

I have a clogged dryer vent. Using a dryer vent cleaning kit (long flex rods that you screw together and snake the vent) I was able to remove a lot of lint.

As I continued it’s now obvious I did not tighten one of the rods sufficiently. So now I have lint, flexible rod and brush head stuck in the vent (hence the comedy).

I have tried several ways to free this up (Short of moving the dryer and plowing air thru the vent).

Since the flex rod has metal I attached a strong magnet to an electrician’s wire snake hoping to snag it and pull it out. But no joy.

What I would love to find is a flexible snake that has a handle allowing me to GRAB and hold onto the rod and pull out.

Is there such a tool? Or are there others was to clear the vent?

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no cannot see it. The vent turns about 24 inches in and that is where it is stuck
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