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Vertical T&G Siding around kickout flashing

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Hello, new to the board but I've been reading on it for a while.

I'm looking for advice regarding how to reinstall siding around the kickout flashing at the roof to wall intersection on my house. The house used to have built in gutters but I have removed them by replacing the rotten 2x12 fascia with 2x6 fascia, cut the old rubber gutter lining back, and installed drip edge, starter strip, and two rows of shingles along the bottom of the roof around the whole perimeter of the house.

The house has T&G cedar siding and I removed enough of it to expose the area that the roof intersects an exterior wall. There was rot in this area so I replaced the sheathing and installed new tar paper and used wide window flashing to give extra protection. The old gutters ran directly into the wall here, in the sense that the rubber gutter lining essentially touched the exterior sheathing so that once the rubber gutter leaked, it ran down behind the siding and rotted the wall.

When adding the rows of roofing material along the house, I installed new step flashing at the wall and made a kickout flashing at the bottom of the roof.

Now that I'm reinstalling the siding, I am having trouble coming up with the proper way to flash or trim around this kickout flashing. My theory was to make essentially a small Z-flashing that would tuck under the kickout flashing and sit between the upper and lower siding boards at this location. Hopefully the pictures will help explain what I am thinking. You can see that the kickout flashing is located directly in the middle of a piece of siding, so I trimmed a siding board to fit around it nicely, and another piece of siding will be installed underneath the kickout flashing. I had to take the lower piece of siding to my router table to trim 1/8" off it's width so that the next length of siding will sit flush against the upper and lower siding boards and this worked pretty well. It's just the location around the kickout flashing that I would like some clarification or confirmation that this is the proper way to install siding around the kickout.



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