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vertical pvc pipe on the "wrong" side of the septic tank

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Hi all.
I'm curious as to why I would have a 4" pvc pipe on opposite side of my septic tank from the house. I always thought it was a cleanout, but I just read that the cleanout should be between the house and the septic tank.

This pip is on the other side, just a couple of feet from where I estimate the end of the tank to be. Maybe it's coming up from the outlet pipe on the way to the distribution box?

Also, I'm getting ready to install risers on the tank. I bought the kind that has flat covers. Is there any advantage to the domed ones I saw?

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Could be the second tank half pipe. Tank is divided, "solids" go on one side to be broken down by the buggies, the second tank is only for liquid and goes to the field. You want a pipe in that second tank cause if any solids slip over the top they could clog up the field line.

Could also be a simple clean-out and/or inspection pipe for your leech field. Our septic system has 11 pipes on it.
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