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fios installed here several months ago, replacing comcast at great savings. happy with the switch after a few probs. the biggest one was no phones in half the house, all worked well with comcast. tech thought it was the alarm system at first, but problem persisted after he left. (was working when he left) day two new box same problem. turned out to be a short in the wall between floors. temp fix was cat 5 out the window down to the 1st floor in another window and we were in business. perm fix was me pulling wire from basement to attic and back down to 2nd floor. no damage or patching necessary. two techs both thought that the fios system was running a higher voltage than the comcast and burned throught some insulation. when we had the regular verizon phone service many years ago we constantly had probs. they all disapppeared with comcast.

prob 2 was type of phone service available with a switch from comcast to fios needed to keep same ph #. after the switch we then switched from one lesser fios plan to a better one at the same cost. something about federal regulations. now all is well.

hope this helps

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