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Venting washer and sink

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I found this pic online, but it shows the two things I'm going back and forth with. Assume the leftmost pipe is the washer drain. Right now I just have that and the bottom pipe over to the right stack. I'm adding a sink between the two. My question is do I need the vent shown with the dotted black lines or just the center vent for the sink that goes over to the main vent? Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help.

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What state are you in so we know what plumbing code applies.
They have their own thing going on in that state.
Under IPC it would not meet code because the stand pipe would need to turn into 3 inch size pipe once one adds the laundry sink into the line. That is why I kept my mouth shut.

Saying that what you propose would work but does not meet my code.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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